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The first game console for dogs

Maurizio Piredda | 15 novembre 2016 15:43:35 CET

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Informazioni | Bautiful Srl

BautifulBox is a game console that entertains dogs when owner is not home. So it won’t cause any trouble like chewing pillows or the sofa. It has 3 luminous buttons and the dog has to understand when to press them in order to get one single piece of food. This method of positive rewarding incentivize dogs to play more and more. The quizzes have an increasing difficulty. It starts with training level to harder levels like memory. So the dog won’t get bored.
We know that customer and user are different. That’s why we give to customers an important user experience. So, in addition to the possibility to program the console functionality it is possible to interact directly with the dog, to play with it via live streaming and view game statistics.
This is our strenght. Owners can save and share on social networks videos of the playtime. That is for us a form of free marketing. In addition with game statistics is possible to take part at online contest to climb rankings and become the Bautiful-Dog, winning gadgets and treats.


Make it a Bautiful-Day, for you and for your dog.

Vantaggio competitivo

Bautiful Box offers to owner the tranquility during his absence and at the same time provides the highest level of direct interaction dog-owner.

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