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Bad Seed is mainly focused on providing mobile entertainment for iOs, Android and Windows Phone

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Informazioni | Bad Seed Entertainment

We are a young and motivated team that work well together.
We have passion, experience and knowledge.
Passion for playing and developing fresh and fun games.
Experience in game design and development process.
Knowledge about several mobile platforms, and even the common big game consoles.

The two co-founders of Bad Seed met each other five years ago when they joined the Ubisoft team to work on four (now released) game titles.
Not only the two co-founders but also most of the team members come from Ubisoft and have extensive professional experience in gaming development.


Bad Seed was formed just a few months ago, but the company's mission and vision were already clear in the team's mind: make fresh and fun high quality games.
There are so many games and apps out there. We’d want to make the difference in the messy world of clones offering cool design concepts, original gameplay mechanics, easy-to-use user interfaces and great graphics.

Vantaggio competitivo

Bad Seed focuses its activity on two fronts, building a strong strategy on a technology and competency policy, and developing high quality games that combine addictive gameplay with a winning business model.
We're in a place where consumers are constantly consuming content over wireless devices such as smartphones or PDAs all in the course of a day. There are continuous introductions to new mobile devices and platforms, which requires a constantly updated mobile platform and programming knowledge. In this

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