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The place for people to sell their know-how and get their video answers in real

Daniele Alberti | 04 aprile 2011 00:02:27 CEST



video marketplace premium-rate


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Vinswer help people to find the right person and the solution to their problems and provides advisors with the opportunity to monetize their expertise everywhere through video chat.

password to see the video: vinswer


We would like to do what Skype did for international calls to premium-rate telephone numbers. 
We will offer this service to all in a simple and easy to use way on their mobile phones and anywhere.

Vantaggio competitivo

Competitors are:,,,
Video pay me within its market differs in many characteristics:
A) In the Product:
- Develop Video chat with rich interaction very easy to use and delivery for the customers ( txt, video, sharing of files ecc)
- Develop “Video chat classified” easy to integrate in thirty site without technical effort and barrier to entry for partner without installing or technical assistance but simply copying a piece of HTML into a page.

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