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Dino De Luca | 30 gennaio 2013 13:47:12 CET




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Informazioni | SpidWit

SpidWit is a social magazine created with just a unique reader in mind: you!
It is a web application capable of analyzing and aggregating social content.
The way this news aggregation is accomplished is the key differentiator and the strength of the concept: starting from the user's social networks accounts, performs
text analysis and modeling (for tweets, shared links, etc..) and then creates clusters of topics.
The final topics are presented through dynamic tiles containing images, keywords and titles.
The business case is based on advertising insertion, sales of premium functionalities and monetization of users profiles, e.g. by sponsored articles or gamification campaigns for brands, etc.
People behind this initiative have many years of experience at both multinational firms and start-ups.
Closed alpha launch of SpidWit (prototype) to collect users feedback will start during next weeks.


Currently the social networks are getting a new positioning as source of personalized information supplied by social contacts you’re following, friends, groups etc. that indirectly reflect the interests and preferences of each user.

The access to this huge amount of information generated in each moment of the day is likely to be fragmented due to the large number of sources and sporadic users access to their accounts.

Users need that this complexity is reduced so that the information is made ??easily accessible, by grouping and organizing the content.
But even more: end users also need that the most relevant news are suggested and highlighted as in a sort of personal social magazine created with a single reader in mind.

Vantaggio competitivo

Our main differentiator is the text analysis and modeling capability, which makes SpidWit able to organize and highlight relevant information with a superior level of personalization than just simple categorization (travel, home, technology, sports, etc.).

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